Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am blessed to be able to celebrate it. There were many years when I was not sure I would ever be graced with the title of 'mom' but now I have 4 beautiful sons and my role as a mom is my favorite "job". I am also grateful that I have a wonderful mom to celebrate as well. She is spending her Mother's Day doing what she has done her whole life, serving others. She is currently in New Orleans helping to rebuild homes still devastated from the floods. This is her second or third trip there and she has also served as a relief worker in Haiti and as a nurse on several medical missions in the Dominican Republic.
One of my favorite parts of Mothers Day is receiving those beautiful hand made cards my kids proudly make. This year my oldest couldn't wait to share his so I received it tonight. He was especially proud of what he had made in school because it is "like you make in your stamping classes!" my response, "no sweetie, its even better!"

The flower on the giant clip comes out of the pot to use as a bookmark! You can be sure it will only be used in my favorite of books. I tend to think that even though I am no longer the cute little girl with the crayon and construction paper card, my mom will still treasure the handmade greeting she will receive when she returns next week. I taught this card along with 2 new techniques we used to my Club last night.

This is an easel card and can stand open as a display.

The card uses the new Strength and Hope stamp set in the Summer Mini. For every Strength and Hope stamp set sold, Stampin' Up! will donate $2 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation so not only do you get a beautiful stamp set but you help out a great cause as well.

The other technique I taught was how to dye our ribbon. Did you know that you can dye any of the white Stampin' Up! ribbon to match any SU color using the reinkers? Come back next week and I will share a tutorial on just how to do that!
Happy Mother's Day and remember, moms will always treasure a handmade card, even if you are no longer 5!

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